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Carla Hixon creates fun and colourful oil paintings.

North Wales Sheep Series

Characterful little sheep on their
journey around North Wales.

Carla Horlocks Studio

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Carla Horlocks Studio


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North Wales Sheep Series

Characterful little sheep on their journey around North Wales.

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Carla Horlock

Carla Hixon

Carla Horlocks Studio

Carla's Bersham Studio

About Carla Hixon:

Carla Hixon (b.1966)Carla’s new art works are about love, life and laughter. They are mostly painted with oil sticks, leaving a thick impasto of oil paint. Carla has a studio based in an ex coal mining office near Wrexham, North Wales.

As a child with a hearing loss, I spent a lot of my time painting and drawing. As an adult I had lost 95% of my hearing, so I took an apprenticeship as a painter and decorator and specialised in special painting affects. I carried on with oil painting on evenings and weekends.Over 20 years ago I moved with my husband and son to North Wales then North Shropshire. I set up a business as a Ceramic restorer with the help of my husband. I also had a cochlear implant to try and help with hearing but this is only in one ear, so I am totally deaf in the other ear. After 15 successful years in business, I suddenly became ill and found out I had blood cancer.I was told I had 6 months to live without a bone marrow transplant, after 4 months they told me they had found a match with a girl in Holland. This saved my life but I spent around 6 months in hospital with complications. This is when I took to drawing again and looking at art books, as most of my time was spent in isolation.When I finally came out of hospital, I pushed myself to paint each day as something I could focus my mind on and further my interest in different styles. Since then I have exhibited and sold work in North Wales and Shropshire.